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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

AMIA bombing - where's the furore?

If you were setting up a bunch of dots for auto-connection, you could scarcely do better, surely, than the bombing of the AMIA Jewish cultural centre in Buenos Aires in 1994 (my piece of yesterday): we're in the middle of a War on Terror, we're talking about groups operating from a friendly base (the Triple Frontera) in the Western Hemisphere (aka Uncle Sam's backyard), groups viscerally hostile to Israel and the US, groups which have actually carried out terror attacks costing dozens of lives - in particular, the AMIA bombing.

Yet, from my initial researches, activity in the US on the subject from what one might characterise as the usual suspects - the necons and and the Jewish lobby - seems strangely muted.

There's an AIPAC piece of May 12 2003 on Hezbollah generally, which has three pars on the attack (and the interminable judicial process arising therefrom). A piece from David Horovitz (April 7 2003) - a personal attack on former President Menem, as well as noting the then recent arrest warrants for four Iranians supposedly involved in the bombing.

The response from USG - so far as my researches have revealed: a speech by Coordinator for Counterterrorism at State Ambassador Francis X Taylor (bio) (December 19 2001) on combating terror in the Triple Frontera, rather wet - as, no doubt, should be expected. I've come across nothing yet from the fire-eaters of the DOD on the subject [1].

Other material of interest on the AMIA case in particular, and the threat arising from Middle East terror groups operating in South America in general:

  • A piece from October 2002, Islamist Terrorist Threat in the Tri-Border Region by Jeffrey Fields of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

  • A report from the American Jewish Committee (Spanish translation!) on AMIA four years on (ie in 1998).

  • A short piece (some names checked) from July 2000 referring to
    conflict among different Shia organizations in the tri-border region.
  • The only piece I found but haven't mentioned connecting Hassan Dayoub to AMIA - it takes us no further forward.

  • A piece from Pagina 12 (July 23 2002) following the publication by the NY Times of its Witness C story (my piece of yesterday). 'C', aka Abolgashem Mesbahi, is still spilling his guts, it seems; this time to a Swiss judge (May 28 2003.)

  • A piece from Forward (February 21 2003) saying that relatives of the AMIA bombing victims are suing Argentina for its failure to investigate the 1992 Israeli embassy bombing properly, which might have prevented the AMIA attack. (With nearly ten years having elapsed without the criminal case having been concluded, quite what hope one might hold out for the civil suit is not clear!)

  • A piece from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (March 18 2003) detailing further complaints from the relatives about the handling of the case, especially how it took so long for arrest warrants for the Iranians to be issued.

  • A piece from Ha'aretz (March 11 2003) talking about a report thousands of pages long prepared by SIDE (Argentinian intelligence) on the AMIA bombing, and concluding that Hezbollah and Iran were responsible. Couple this with a March 19 2003 piece from Rio Negro (a rag hailing from Patagonia!) under the headline
    AMIA: gobierno pide a Israel pruebas del atentado
    Who's telling who whodunnit?

Some of the choicer morsels. As for mastering all this stuff - as Fidel would say, la lucha continúa...

  1. Though there is a piece from the Spanish - not, it seems, the English - version of the Command & General Staff College Military Review (July-August 2002) on La Triple Frontera: Principal Foco de Inseguridad en el Cono Sur Americano by Dr. Mariano César Bartolomé (academic, rather than fire-eater!)

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